Han sköts kallblodigt ihjäl på en nattklubb

Expressen 2014-05-26

Försvararen Jhonny Perozo har gjort över 40 matcher i den venezuelanska högstaligan de senaste säsongerna. Men sedan december i fjol tillhör han inte längre FC Zulia, som slutade på fjortonde plats i Primera División.

Nu sörjer laget hans plötsliga bortgång. Mordet inträffade natten till söndag omkring klockan 05:30 i staden Lagunillas, Venezuela.

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The Venezuelan nightmare

2014-05-20 CNN

Images of repression and brutality against peaceful protesters demanding democracy and the elimination of corruption are not limited to Ukraine.

In our hemisphere, Venezuelans are suffering at the hands of their own government. Violence and systematic human rights abuses have resulted in 41 dead, hundreds injured, and thousands detained.

These rights violations in Venezuela were chronicled this month by Human Rights Watch in a 103-page report, entitled ”Punished for Protesting: Rights Violations in Venezuela’s Streets, Detention Centers, and Justice System.”

Read more and watch video: http://edition.cnn.com/2014/05/20/opinion/menendez-venezuela/

Sammanbrott i förhandlingarna i Venezuela

Sveriges Radio 2014-05-15

I Venezuela har oppositionen avbrutit förhandlingarna som hållits mellan representanter för Nicolas Maduros regering och oppositionella ledare. Beslutet kommer efter det att polisen evakuerat flera av demonstranternas tältläger i Caracas.

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Venezuela committing systematic human rights abuses, report says

2014-05-05 The Guardian

Judges and prosecutors in Venezuela have repeatedly ignored evidence of systematic human rights abuses by government security forces, a prominent human rights group said on Monday.

Human Rights Watch said in a new report that dozens of unarmed protesters have been subject to serious physical and psychological abuse during protests that have left at least 41 dead since February. Abuses have included broken bones, denial of medical treatment and threats of rape or death.

Read more: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/may/05/venezuela-committing-systematic-human-rights-abuses

How Maduro is interfering in Venezuela’s schools

2014-04-24 FP

There are many reasons why Venezuela’s opposition has been protesting for the past two months. The obvious ones are the country’s dramatic crime wave and sharpened scarcity of goods, but one of the least reported issues has to do with the government’s efforts to meddle in the country’s schools.

Venezuela has an extensive network of public schools, one that existed long before Hugo Chávez came to power. Due to the spotty quality of the education these schools impart, there is also a large web of private schools that has always operated with relative freedom, although under close government supervision. This peaceful coexistence, however, was shattered in 2012 when the government passed ”Resolución 058.” The text, which emanated from the Ministry of Education, changed the entire governance structure for both public and private schools. Recent steps to fully implement it have set off alarm bells in the entire opposition education community.

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